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  • Sachi Rome

Summer love is in the air!

Yes, I said it! Love is in the air.

The response to my Anything but Brushes series

has been fantastic!

For those new to the page, what is the Anything but Brushes series you might ask

For those new to the page, what is Anything but Brushes you might ask.

It is body of work that I've been creating for the past year and a half if not a little longer. It involves using unconventional tools like rubber spatulas, credit cards and whatever else is around to create. I believe by using these tools, that I can connect more to my spiritual side and in doing, so give the opportunity to channel the ancestors and spirits who have been taken far too soon from their space and place.


Let's talk about love. Let's talk about the love I have received and felt as you all have encountered my creations. This has been a Summer of Love, a Lovefest if you will.

They /we say thank you. We give thanks for magic to be found on a good studio day . The ancestors hover in the In-between. I visit and worship in that space and I present who asked to be delivered from this between . My guest find New Life in your eyes and your gaze.Your admiration and your appreciation of their textures and colors, in the space created just for them.

Thank you, we say thank you!!


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