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  • Sachi Rome

Summer updates

Welcome to my studio. Glad you could join me today. Here are some wonderful updates from my art world. Its been a pretty interesting few months. Here's the the highlight reel.

Read the full AJC article here.


Anything that exists is being. Today, the Properties of Being are commonly considered to be beauty, truth & goodness. They are the three fundamental concepts of human understanding. If they are historically understood to be what is common to all beings, then why are they under relentless attack today? Through their work, the four artists in this show - Susan Hable, Laura Dargan, Sachi Rome & Zhou Peng - seek to reaffirm beauty, truth & goodness.

“Don’t Pick The Flowers!” Susan asks us to marvel at & appreciate the natural beauty all around us. Laura seeks to define beauty in terms of the relationship between her abstract paintings as integrated harmonious wholes & its formal parts. Sachi asks us to reaffirm what is essential to all beautiful things - especially in terms of Black bodies, identity & representation. Peng’s deeply personal & spiritual explorations into beauty, truth & goodness are inspired by his Chinese heritage and Western experiences.

Is “beauty in the eye of the beholder?" What is a “sense of taste?” What makes the artwork in this show pleasurable to perceive? You are The Beholder. Let’s rediscover the Properties of Being - beauty, truth & goodness - through Art!


Safe From Harm: Sachi Rome’s art embodies magic and value of Black life

by Isadora Pennington June 22, 2022

Here is a wonderful conversation in reporternewspaper about my current body of work. Read the full article here.


My twin sister Tokie Rome and I are showing at Arts Clayton the exhibit "A Realm of Our Own"

What does a realm of our own look like to two southern, African American girls who have experienced the legacy of Georgia their entire lives? The answer becomes a reimagining of history and space for both artists, presenting multifaceted views and approaches to African-American history, legacy and existence.

Join us on July 23,2022 for the artist talk from 11 to 4 at Ars Clayton.


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