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Portraits of The in Between: A Narrative of black faces from in-between spaces in time, near and distant.


This exhibit features a collection of paintings that center on the theme of Ancestors of the Diaspora.


The series features portraits of ancestors, who are seeking to have new life and audience, within contemporary spaces. The imagery portrays ancestors taken from this earthly plane  before their time. They have untold stories which ask to be shared.  They are seeking new memory and presence, among those still able to breathe new life into the lines of life they had yet to write. The work gives viewers a chance to see the elegance and grace of the black body in all its multifaceted shapes , even as it is distorted from the  viewers  traditional expectations. 

The series is an ongoing attempt to deliver black  portraiture in a  way that is separated from color, separated from societal norms and expectations of beauty. It delivers a true portrait of a person's energy through the  movement, texture and dynamic color choices

Artwork © 2020 Sachi Rome

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