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  • Sachi Rome

Ten Days until lift off!!! Off to Miami for Art Basel

Less than 4% of black woman are represented in museums and galleries in the Unites States. These number are NOT a true representation of the black women artist working, here in America. TILA Studio's has created an amazing opportunity to show 10 black woman artist at Art Basel this year. They are changing those numbers directly. There are also changing the conversation from "Where are all the black women artist?" to "We are Here ! "

FROM TILA Studio's homepage

The Stats --> 4% Black women make up only 4% of art professionals across the museums and galleries spaces in the United States. Because our work is underrepresented and undervalued in public and private institutions, we are not afforded the same opportunities as our peers. Therefore, our wages are impacted, our productivity is halted and our confidence challenged.

Why Art Basel: We Are Having a National Conversation

We're traveling to Art Basel to have a SEAT AT THE TABLE. It is our mission to champion the underdog and have tough conversations that have the capacity to shift an entire industry to be more inclusive, more equitable and more accessible.

Where Your Dollars Are Going:

This experience is an ambitious one and we're ready. Your dollars will go to fund up to 10 Black Women artists housing expenses, airfare to and from Atlanta, Food, Materials needed to transport work to Miami, Access to Art Fairs in Miami.

We Thrive Off Your Support:

We just want to say thank you. TILA was built on the legacy of Nina Simone and Lorraine Hansberry, Pat Parker and Audre Lorde, Meta Warrick Fuller, Alice Dunbar and Angelina Weld Grimke. We honor our past and we celebrate the future. We're honored to do this work and bring you all along on the journey.

Click The link below to help support TILA Studio's mission

In less than 10 Days the lovely team of TILA Studio and the Garden Fellows crew for 2018 will be off to Miami to show work at the Prism Museum. I, along with 9 other amazing artists will be showcasing our work at this incredibly space. December 5 is the big day. All work will be for sale online as well so if you don't have a chance to come down, no worries. I am beyond excited. Christmas came nice and early for me. I will keep you all in the loop as the trip unfolds.

Here is a quick video on the space where we will be showing.


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