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  • Sachi Rome

Sachi's Art on the Beltline

Well this was a great summer! I was select for several public art project this year. The Biggest of them was for Art on the Beltline. I created a 26 x 25 ft mural based off my work "Meditation For Peace. If I where a Bird." This work was selected out of over 300 applications. It sits on the Westside trail along the beltline. Here are a few highlights from the install.

Art on the beltline "If I Were A Bird"
Almost Done

The Select work also includes a poem call "If I were a bird" This free verse poem is a response to the death of my High School track coach Randy Reed . He was a strong father figure from my teen years on into my adult life. His death left a hole that I filled with writing and painting.

If I were a bird I would fly high

above the trees.

lose all my fear in wind and overseas.

Drafts of current would lead me over stress and tears,

Floating in Open space

easing a mind and body.

lifted …..on wings….. toward peace

If I were a bird…. By Sach iRome



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