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Artist Statement

My  work seeks to change the social history behind who is captured and immortalized through portraiture. I am interested in exploring connections between history, time, memory and past lives. My subjects are colorful, textured abstracts that  visualization  the voices of the silent black woman, disconnected sister, lost brother or friend. In creating imagery of these souls, I am re-gifting them with life, presence and audience. The imagery created presents dignity  and grace while seeking to give voice to the unheard.

My art practice is a focused effort of channeling  energy and history of  past generations, honoring the ancestors request for new presence and life. Within my work I utilize expressive energetic mark making and experimental use of tools. Through the use of unconventional tools for mark making, I attain a disconnect from the conscious minds’ expectations of the mark. Kitchen spatulas of various sizes, combs and torn cardboard are used to channel onto the surface, the imagery of lost ancestors .

New stories  are stitched together with color and texture. The energy that emerges from letting go, allows the figure to emerge. These ancestors are resurrected through my rituals as artist, the unconscious mind, the repeated musical beats played as I work, calling down lives cut short. Through my paintings I give them a home to rest their spirit as they emerge, haunting and hold the viewer's eye with  texture and unyielding strength.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Man in the Outdo

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