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Artist Statement

I am a multidisciplinary Atlanta based artist, interested in exploring connections between identity, memory and  traditional African Spirituality. My  work seeks to create a visual dialogue in order to explore the existence of an in-between, metaphysical space without the possibility of threat. I seek to create and  hold  space that does not require being on guard.   I  create a portal to guide viewers to this metaphysical utopia free of the social and economic constraints that have historically oppressed us. 


 I create abstract portraiture that captures the essence of ethereal spirits. They emerge  within visual space left open and void of outside forces. There is a deliberate lack of setting within the negative space as the metaphysical plane that they exist on is undefined. The imagery created presents dignity  and grace while seeking to give voice to the unheard. My subjects are colorful, textured figures that embody the spiritual essence of souls who have gone onto the spiritual realm. In creating visual avatars of these souls, I am regifting them with life, presence and audience. It is here in this space that holds no burdens of past history or current social failure, and within this existence is a level of true safety and  freedom.  

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