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Artist Statement



         We live in a time where the lines of truth, history, and falsehood are deliberately blurred in order to create division and amass power into the hands of a few. African Americans have long been the subject of these falsehoods, misconceptions, and vilification  which often lead to disenfranchisement. As an African American woman, born and raised in the South, this warping of the truth has been a passed down legacy that I am still witnessing today.  Like many African Americans, I  have had to find means to psychologically deal with operating in spaces and places that view my presence as a threat.


I am a painter, mixed media artist and  muralist. My process is a ritual, utilizing texture, movement, and the experimental use of tools and materials. I create protected and safe spaces, free from the constructed world that alludes to black bodies as a threat, and thus unworthy of peaceful existence. Connections between identity, memory and spirituality are entry points for me to create a visual dialogue, allowing entities to emerge within an alternate plane, open and devoid of negative forces. In creating visual avatars of these souls, I regift them with life, presence and audience.  It is within my work that  I offer portals and talismans to hope, healing and protection.

Please contact the artist directly for purchase inquires.

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